a little bit pretty. a little bit gritty. (pioneer) wrote,
a little bit pretty. a little bit gritty.

winter gardening

I must confess, I am terrible when it comes to sticking to a hobby. I planted my winter garden late in the Fall and I've basically neglected my poor planties every since. Fortunately, the weather has been good and the seeds sprouted and are now beginning to reward me with fruits. I get the reward, yet I let the poor rows of plants become overgrown with invasive onion grass things and random debris that blows in from the back alley. I apologize plants, I promise to take better care of you.

This seems to be the case with most of my "interests"... I stick with them initially, only to abandon them shortly thereafter. I can't even count how many books I've started only to stash away in a bookshelf after getting through 20-30 pages. Must improve my follow-through.

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