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the one where I repeat myself

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Feb. 4th, 2009 | 10:46 pm

This Facebook 25 random things about yourself list is slowly taking over my life. I've learned more about people I've known for years in the two minutes it takes to read these lists. Here's the one I posted.

1. I used to stare at bare light bulbs in my room in a vain attempt to ruin my vision and convince everyone I needed glasses.

2. I really like Barry's cat Patchy, but I tell her I hate her so she won't take advantage of my feelings.

3. Hey Moose! As a kid, I used to play You Can't Do That on Television with my cousins in the summer months. I would mix grass clippings and water to make green slime and dump it over my cousins' heads when they said "I don't know."

4. Even with all this news about over fishing and rising water temperatures, I am cautious about swimming at the beach because I fear the water is crawling (swimming?) with sharks.

5. A girl made fun of me in the third grade for tying my shoes’ laces together. I tried kicking her and I fell, landing on my back.

6. I am unable to whistle, roller skate, rollerblade, skateboard, snowboard or ski. I don't know what whistling has to do with any of the others.

7. You may occasionally find me conducting along to recordings of British marches. Yes, with a baton.

8. A secret service agent once told me I was standing too close to President Jimmy Carter and asked me to step away. I nearly bumped into him while waiting for coffee in the breakfast tent at the Jimmy Carter Work Project in LA.

9. I am unable to resist playing with stickers and/or tape. Sometimes I will adhere scotch tape to my lips without even being aware of what I'm doing.

10. Thanks to Mr. Wizard, I can slice a banana without peeling it using a needle and thread.

11. Yes, I really did see a UFO once. It flew over the small town in Mexico I visit every summer.

12. My first email address in 1993 was a CompuServe address. It looked something like this: 37372,3242@compuserve.com (And no, that comma is not a typo)

13. I've never broken a bone in my body—but I have sliced around my right index knuckle and opened a gash in my head by washing dishes and running into a metal box, respectively.

14. In AmeriCorps, I learned to cook a rockin' meal for 9 with only $18.

15. In drum corps, I learned: Wisconsin summer + Casserole lunch + Brass breathing exercises = me yacking in the bushes.

16. I accidentally swallowed a fly in Akela, New Mexico. My mom insisted I induce vomiting. I opted to wash it down with a swig of Coke.

17. It disturbed me to see people wear pajama pants to class in college. It disturbs me even more to see people wearing pajama pants to the store.

18. In college, I learned to operate 16mm and 35mm projectors. I had a film melt only once and another time I loaded the reel in backwards.

19. I pull out my eyelashes when I'm bored.

20. If it can be helped, I avoid blowing my nose. I am prone to nosebleeds.

21. When I worked for the Dodgers, a jerk customer made me cry during my first week on the job. I would tell subsequent jerk callers that I was selling them seats in good locations, but I was actually selling them awful seats.

22. Nerd alert! As a kid, I repeatedly watched WarGames, Flight of the Navigator and Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

23. I used to spend recess in 2nd grade doing forward flips on a bar in the playground. I loved doing forward flips. The time I tried a back flip, I fell off the bar and landed face first in the sand.

24. I gave myself Giardia in Spartanburg, SC while working on a trail building project. I was too lazy to hike out for fresh water and drank from a nearby stream. The water was cool, refreshing and, evidently, polluted by goat farm runoff.

25. I drove cross-country from LA to Charleston, SC in two and a half days, subsisting on a tub of salted peanuts and 99 cent store energy drinks.

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