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the one where it's been three years

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Feb. 2nd, 2009 | 04:39 pm

this is where it all started three years ago today... a thursday night tasting at silver lake wine in 2005. after sipping some wine that "tasted like wine" we headed across the street to the red lion for german sausages and electronic keyboard covers of 80s tunes, such as Toto's "Africa."

in the three years that have followed, bkh has proven to be a trooper, enduring:

  • university of chicago lectures, happy hours, and hikes with animated alumni
  • camping trips where we nearly avoided a raccoon assault
  • volunteer events at food banks and call centers with nasty people phoning in to pledge
  • early summer drum corps in exotic places like long beach and pasadena
  • more half-marathons than we both ever imagined running (what are we up to, 6 now?)
  • walking trips to dodger games because i'm too cheap to fork over $15 for parking
all of the above sounds easy enough, but it's made more unbearable when you figure in my random bouts of silence, endless references to my squishiness, and occasional requests rid ourselves of the tv. hehe.

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